Great cooking boils down to ingredients - the better the ingredients you choose the better the results. 

We're no different. Like you, we don't compromise when it comes to cooking, only our ingredients happen to be iron, steel, clay and silicone. 
Le Creuset will help you make the most of your ingredients just as we've made the most of ours. Which is why we believe that good food deserves Le Creuset. 

Le Creuset’s original and most well known range of products is its cast iron range. They are by way of their design, production methodology and functionality, literally unique. Each product is cast in its own sand mold, which is broken after casting. This creates a uniqueness for each item. After the casting, the production is hand finished by skilled French artisans, many of whom come from families that have been with the company for decades. 
Multiple layers of incredibly strong, chip-resistant enamel are carefully applied to each piece. The enameling process gives Le Creuset cast iron its characteristic beauty and creates a tough, non-reactive surface that does not require future treating.